What if you could get up in the morning before the stars had set
And the sunrise was a thing upon which you could place a bet
Will the clouds be there? Will they turn pink or orange or red?
Or will the sky just turn from gray to pale blue instead?
If you could bet upon the sunrise while the others slept right through it
The odds will be in your favor, question is, will you do it?

If you could saddle up a horse when it just starts getting light
And felt his shoulder quiver when you cinch the cinches tight
Knowing that he’s nervous you use a soothing voice
But he’s acting like this ride ahead ain’t actually his choice
Will the boogers he imagines go away or come to haunt you
You can step aboard and find out, question is, do you want to?

If you could ride up rocky ridges where falling’s a disaster
Would you take it all in stride or would your heart start beating faster?
Will you step off and lead to avoid the fall and pain you dread?
Or will you give the horse his head and trust he will not fall instead?
Will you mask your fears, and then hope that he will buy it?
No one knows of course until the day they really try it

What if Life and riding were like betting on the sunrise
Would you bet upon yourself knowing sure you’d win the prize?
Would you wake before the dawn so eager for what’s to come
The joys, the risks, the beauty, in another rising of the sun?
When Life throws you rocky ridges will you ride out confident and meet it?
When the day begins with hope will you be there just to greet it?