I wish that everyone could be a cowboy
Just for one month, one week or a day
‘Cause if you had that chance for just a little while
You’d live and love the rest the Cowboy Way

You’d work long, hard, honest— and love the same
Folks that know you are glad to call you friend
And the few that hear you say the words, “I love you”
Know you mean it until the very end

You’d walk stiff and yes a bit bowlegged
And yet ride tall, easy, with soft hands
Leave unmeasured miles of horse tracks behind you
Like a story written on the wind-blown sands

You’d know a life of dust, sweat, and saddle leather
Of traditions held and honored to the core
Fall in love with lonesome ridges and hidden valleys
Know why they’re worth livin’ and dyin’ for

You’d see how it all fits: the hills and creeks
The grass, the cows, the antelope and clouds
You’ll be part of all that and steward of the land
Seein’ Life happen ’cause of you makes you proud

You’ll meet folks keepin’ a ranch together like their parents did
Despite random rains and markets when they fall
Working and praying to give their children the same chance
When they take it makes ‘em proudest of all

I wish that everyone could be a cowboy
Ride the ridges; know each day you earned your pay
Have a place worth sweatin’ and dyin’ for
Guided by a code you call: The Cowboy Way