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"Spirits Still Remain"    

This is my newest CD and I'm pleased with how it turned out. It's got some nice guitar and mandolin on it, courtesy of a few friends. This one has 4 songs and 8 of my audience-tested poems, so it's a pretty good sample of what one of my live shows is like.

  1. Spirits Still Remain
  2. Horses and Cattle song sample
  3. Joker
  4. My Best Compliment poem sample
  5. For the Ones song sample
  6. Teenagers in the Pen song sample
  7. Shadows in the Draws poem sample
  8. She Is
  9. Sam Faces the Truth
  10. Santa's Perfect Gifts
  11. Tack Room Charm
  12. My Yodeling Song

All songs and poems written and recorded by Mike Moutoux with Skelly Boyd on guitar and Rob Stinehart on mandolin.

To purchase, please send a check in the amount of $15.00 payable to Mike Moutoux, to 52 Wide Canyon Trail, Silver City, NM 88061. Price includes shipping, but please remember to give me your full mailing address. Thank you.

Spirits Still Remain by Mike Moutoux front CD cover

Spirits Still Remain by Mike Moutoux CD back cover

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