Mike Moutoux, New Mexico's Enchanting Cowboy


Mike Moutoux

New Mexico's
Enchanting Cowboy

Mike Moutoux's Ranch Notes
March 2010

I got my wife Emily to come down for a mini-tour and enjoyed the chance to show show her some of the country down there. We stumbled into one of Jerry’s sons, Niel, and of course visited a bit. I asked him about the horses and when I mentioned Charley, he said, “I hate that horse”. I got a small bit of pleasure in hearing that.

Emily got to see a new calf and both of the new foals and of course some cows. Jerry has been feeding them pretty regularly so the cows really watch if you stop along the road to see if you have something for them. She also got to see the corrals where we ship and I showed her how they were used.

Ranch Notes critters in the garden

Eventually the whole thing turned into a rock-collecting trip, which is one of her
favorite outdoor sports. We picked a few from the road ditches and brought them home for our flowerbeds. Our flowerbeds aren’t very formal and like a lot of western folks we like to drag home pretty rocks to decorate around our homes.

Here’s a photo of two landscape inspectors checking out one of our flowerbeds. Maybe they are just checking each other out, I’m not sure.



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