Mike Moutoux, New Mexico's Enchanting Cowboy


Mike Moutoux

New Mexico's
Enchanting Cowboy

Mike Moutoux's Ranch Notes
September 2009

I had several exciting episodes this month; two on the same day. When an unbranded calf wandered into the ranch yard one morning, Jerry decided to go ahead and push it into the corrals nearby. I grabbed the easiest horse to get to which was one of the new horses that Jerry has been riding, Woodrow. Holy Smokes! This horse has a high degree of built in excitability that I didn’t realize. I stayed in the saddle, but Jerry noticed that I was having a time keeping him settled down. We got the calf and I got a riding lesson about jumping on unfamiliar horses.

Earlier, we were in the process of branding a small group of calves. Jerry ropes and I flank them down. He usually dismounts to help tie them up so we can tie another one too and then we process them. This day he decided to let me tie them up alone. It’s harder, but doable. Especially the small ones. I had just slipped Jerry’s rope off when this Big one got up on me and took off. I did what I could to stay with him and tried to throw him down again. We bounced around about half way across the corral before I got the grip I wanted and heaved him down. Well, he bounced up like a two hundred pound rubber ball and was gone leaving me completely out of breath. The calf wasn’t breathing hard at all. Nice to be young and in shape! If I was either I might have got him. Jerry re-roped him and we got him that time.

Ranch Notes bobcat

Very little rain has fallen and grass is greening up here and there. Rabbit bush and prairies zinnias are blooming so there is some color out there. Best sighting of the month was a bobcat I got a brief look at while we were out looking for cows. Just a brown blur with a little white-tipped tail. I told Jerry I had seen him and he said he had seen a track earlier that he knew wasn’t a coyote. He doesn’t miss much. Not out there.








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