Mike Moutoux, New Mexico's Enchanting Cowboy


Mike Moutoux

New Mexico's
Enchanting Cowboy

Mike Moutoux's Ranch Notes
March 2009

March has been a month of ranch improvements; which is a way of saying hard physical labor on fencing. We’ve been digging postholes for some 6-inch pipe and setting them in concrete. All of them by hand as the power auger makes the holes too big and then requires more concrete to fill. Jerry will weld old windmill sucker rod in between the posts demonstrating again that nothing on the ranch is wasted. His family has been recycling long before modern environmentalists started separating their glass from their plastic.

Ranch Notes paint horse

We were looking at a horse when Jerry passed along this old saying:

One white foot, buy him
Two white feet, try him
Three white feet, be on the sly
Four white feet, pass him by

This, I’ve learned is one of the horse superstitions that has been around awhile. The old cowboys didn’t blog on the Internet, so it’s been difficult finding out where this one comes from. When I poked around, I found out that there was another camp that preferred a horse with 4 stockings which gives us this:

One white foot, keep him not a day
Two white feet, send him far away
Three white feet, sell to friend
Four white feet, keep him to the end

Personally, my favorite color is quarter horse and I donít care how many stockings he has; but the horse superstitions sure make you look and think.



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