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Mike Moutoux

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Mike Moutoux's Ranch Notes
June 2009

Ranch Notes calf

June has been an interesting month; there is much to talk about. We are bottle-feeding an orphaned calf. This picture was taken when he was two or three days old. His mother died shortly after birth but he did get some of that important early milk. Follows us around when we’re in the corral where he stays. Very cute little Hereford.

Jerry has added two new horses to the work string: he’s riding Woodrow and I’m riding Barlow much of the time now.

Ranch Notes Barlow the horse

Ranch Notes Woodrow and Barlow chimney ruins

Here’s a picture of Barlow. We took the two horses for a ride on one of my days off because I wanted to see a part of the ranch Jerry’s family used to own. It includes a valley with some running water in it that is unusual for that part of the county. They called it the Cienega, which in Spanish means “a marshy place”. We rode up to the ruins of an old building that pre-dates the ranch. The outline of the foundation is there, but the only thing standing is the base of the adobe chimney. Jerry doesn’t know any more about it. Very old for sure and I’m thinking made by the Spanish. The Spanish history of he area predates the Anglos by quite a bit. The photo shows the chimney, the riderless horse is Barlow. It was a great ride and I’m glad we got it worked out.

Probably the biggest news is that Jerry’s mom, Evelyn, passed away this month. She was 90. I guess she was quite a force on the ranch until just a few yeas ago. I did not know her then and sure would have enjoyed hearing her stories. Jerry has a bunch of his own and if I’m lucky, I’ll get to hear many more in the years ahead.



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