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Mike Moutoux

New Mexico's
Enchanting Cowboy

Mike Moutoux's Ranch Notes
August 2009

I haven’t been at the ranch much this month; they’ve had a bunch of personal things to take care of down there that has kept them running around. It’s been dry and there have been two more lightning-caused grass fires on nearby ranches. Everyone is hoping that the remainder of monsoon season will be a lot wetter than the first half. The dirt tanks where cattle water are drying up and the grass really needs some more rain for it to get going.

We spent one day date-branding heifers and another gathering a pasture and branding the calves. Still riding Barlow and he’s getting the hang of this cow-work. He’s cutting better and neck reining a little. I’m trying to get him to walk faster and we won’t have to trot so much. He does have a nice slow trot and a nice slow lope.

Ranch Notes lizard

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned the lizards we see all the time and there are a bunch. We see whiptails all the time, earless lizards, horned toads, and once in a while a collared lizard, which are just like little dinosaurs to me. Here’s a photo of one taken while I was turning some cows out one afternoon.






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