Mike Moutoux, New Mexico's Enchanting Cowboy


Mike Moutoux

New Mexico's
Enchanting Cowboy

Mike Moutoux's Ranch Notes
April 2009

Ranch Notes Mike Moutoux on horseback

April has been a month of odd jobs. We’re still working on rebuilding a corral and now have most of the posts set. The weather has been pretty nice for that kind of work. We’re still feeding in a few pastures; the cattle sure pay attention when we pull in now. Some even come trotting up which sure makes future round ups easier.

On an un-related note, my wife was talking to Jerry about writing a poem about the old ranch truck. I told her it didn’t seem right to make fun of another man’s tuck no matter how dilapidated it might be. Hearing that, he told me to go ahead. I’m still not sure; that old ¾ ton gets used for everything and rarely lets us down. Would I drive it to a high school reunion? Not even if it were washed and waxed! It’s almost embarrassing to be around, yet practical and almost lovable. Kind of like some people I know.



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