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Mike Moutoux

New Mexico's
Enchanting Cowboy

Mike Moutoux's Ranch Notes
September 2008

Jerry has declared war on the cockleburs that have sprung up in some of the sandy washes. Last year we ran a bunch of yearlings through a squeeze chute so that we could comb the burrs out. This year we are killing the plants any way we can. It would be a pretty dull chore if it weren’t for the rattlesnakes that also like those washes. In one day, I almost stepped on one, almost sat on another, and believe I almost touched another with my hand as I was pulling weeds from the very patch it crawled out of. And I was being cautious. I asked Jerry if he would apply first aid if I had sat on the one and he said I would have been on my own. Nice to know where a fella stands.

Ranch Notes rattlesnake

The best day was when I got to ride Joe, one of the horses that Jerry usually uses. Turns out Joe has the best trot of any horse on the ranch. That sure makes for a pleasant ride. We spent much of that day looking over the fences and then gathering the mares in that pasture. Jerry took them later to a neighbor who has nice stallion.

Here’s a good look at a black tailed rattlesnake. My good friend, Bob Pelham, took the photo. His posture says, “Don’t tread on me. Or sit on me!”



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