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Mike Moutoux

New Mexico's
Enchanting Cowboy

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Charlie's Love

Charlie's Love Cowboy Poem

In hidden bits of lonely land some history hangs on
Sometimes it’s there just six feet underground
Stories whispered by wind and sand, here’s one I heard about a man
And a love the likes of which is seldom found

North of Silver City on the East Fork of the Gila
Charlie Gentry lies alone on a hill
He’s got good views to the West; it’s a pretty place to rest
A hundred years of watching, loving, still

There’s a story handed down how that cowboy hit the ground
A fall from a horse and banged up pretty good
Nearest doc was thirty miles; horseback it took awhile
In those days, well, the doc did what he could

Paralyzed and broken, his last words already spoken
Charlie’s mind and eyes were the last to go
In what remained of his short life they only shined when he saw his wife
He loved her but he could not tell her so

Neighbors came to pay respect, other cowboys came and went
As the young man slowly withered away
He never left the bed, “I love you”, stuck there in his head
But his eyes could say it still in their own way

His eyes followed her and only her when she was in the room
Shined with a spark of life when she was near
Not much left of him after the fall, no hope, his love for her was all
Lord willing, he’d have loved her for a thousand years

When the light in Charlie’s eyes no longer shined when she was near
They laid him gentle there and said the words
His love laid a small bouquet, brushed a burning tear away
And stayed till the East Fork’s song was all she heard

The headstone still stands straight but is hard to read
Junipers now sprawl across the hill
The East Fork, shallow, cold, and clear, divides the past and present here
On one side, a cowboy lingers, loving still

Charlie Gentry worked for the Red Rock Cattle Co. The tombstone once read “died in 1900”; that part is illegible now.



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